I reached out to Grace at a bit of a low point. My 8 year-old daughter’s diet was getting increasingly limited and I was finding mealtimes a real challenge.
In just a couple of weeks of putting Grace’s advice to work, my overall approach to mealtimes and how I feed my children has totally changed.
I’m calmer, more positive and my daughter has already started to eat a wider range of foods.
I was very skeptical booking a 1:1 call as wasn’t sure what else I could learn after having tried it all but I was at a bit of a dead end and willing to try anything.
Grace coached me through mealtimes from a practical point of view and gave me easy to implement ideas that require little planning.
She’s a bit of a miracle worker to be quite honest! It’s amazing to see my daughter more relaxed around food and even willing to try new things! Thank you so much Grace!
— Lauren Hewitt, October 2019
It turns out I only needed a couple of 1:1 phone calls with Grace to get some invaluable practical tips around mealtimes and how the language I was using at mealtimes was possibly hindering my daughter’s eating habits. Mealtimes have instantly become calmer and happier. Thanks!
— Jenny, August 2019
We have been following some great advice from Grace over the last week and we are definitely seeing an improvement at mealtimes. We have been careful in how we approach different foods and our daughter has started to try new things as we havnt put as much pressure on her. It’s okay if she doesn’t eat everything, we keep progressing daily and that’s what matters. Thank you for your support recently it has really helped us open our eyes to the bigger picture on mealtimes.
— Vicky Room, March 2019
Constant exposure. It’s been a tough few months; he’s dropped loads of foods that he had previously picked up or eaten long term. I’ve been feeling defeated and deflated and worrying about his future. Then I got some advice from Grace at Happy Little Eaters and she has put me right back on track. She reminded me to think long term and keep on exposing him to food without expectation. So I set up a quick fruit chopping activity which he seemed to enjoy, but didn’t eat anything from.
— Emma, March 2019
Really insightful and friendly advice and all fact-checked by a Doctor too! Also, if you don’t have time to read up on it, Grace’s podcasts are very engaging and informative.
— Helen turner, February 2019